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Michele NS, RCP

Recovery Companion

Phone 754-308-6873


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In my former professional life I worked in for the Federal Government and several DC Law Firms.  I took my first Recovery Coach class February 2020, and my first Companion assignment was in Fall of 2020 (during the pandemic).  Early in my career as a Companion most of my clients were in recovery from addiction.  However, as I progressed I gained more experience working with clients in recovery from various illnesses.  We all adapt and evolve to not only satisfy our needs, but also to best help and aid others in distress. Thus I evolved, expanded my services to meet the needs of all my clients in various types of recovery. In addition to those in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, I also assist people diagnosed with anxiety, depression, PTSD, Lyme Disease, chemical brain injury, and other disorders.  My mission is to provide loving support during your healing journey; share experience, strength, and hope; lead by example; and be an inspiration for a healthy lifestyle in recovery.

"Do not strive to be noticed, work so that your absence is felt."




  • As your Companion, I bridge the gap between your discharge from treatment and living a new life in recovery on your own. Treatment is a controlled environment, and re-entering the real world can be filled with all sorts of unknowns.  I am available 24/7 to help in the early stages of recovery and during life events that can be stressful and challenging to navigate.

  • Responsibly transport you to all destinations in a timely manner (with a valid U.S. Driver's License and U.S. Passport); Transport you to previously scheduled commitments (e.g. rehabilitation  aftercare, outpatient services, psychiatrist/therapist appointments, doctor's appointments); and Upon request, accompany you to meetings (AA/NA, Faith-based, etc.) in order to create a less intimidating environment and  reduce anxiety which will help enhance your recovery experience.

  • As your Recovery Coach: I Encourage participation in a recovery program that will provide long-term sobriety; Develop a support network and build life skills; Assist you in developing a plan of action and setting reasonable goals; and Encourage you to engage in life with a purpose by learning to socialize, work, and thrive.


     In addition to working with alcoholics and addicts, I’ve worked with clients who have  invisible diseases like Lyme Disease, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), Chemical Sensitivities and Mold Allergies.  Sometimes it’s hard for those clients to navigate daily functions; they can experience brain fog and fatigue; and although they've become tolerant of the pain, sometimes they just need help.  I usually live with clients short term/as needed and/or travel with them on business, vacation, and/or special events. I’m very organized and detail oriented.  


     I’ve assisted clients with cooking and meal prep; grocery shopped with clients and for clients; organized their wardrobe closets and declutter; helped clients to establish or maintain a schedule to stay on task; if desired accompanied clients to doctor & therapy appointments or just drove them to their appointments; I've been my client's supportive shoulder to lean on with great listening skills when family and friends are not available; helped clients research Air BNB and hotel options for medical and/or travel;  nature walks in the park and sitting with clients breathing the fresh sea air on the beach are relaxing activities after treatment that have helped clients to pause, reset, and enjoy everyday moments.


"Working with Michele for the last eight months has been a true honor. She never misses a beat and always makes sure I am accomplishing everything I need to be and more. Her smile, work ethic, love of discipline and accomplished goals is a welcome addition in my life. She has been with me in so many phases of my journey and held my hand through it all. We have celebrated milestones together and also walked through some serious setbacks side by side. My life is so enriched by her professional companionship."

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